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I’ve been working closely with Gaia's Healing Gifts oils, sprays, and soaps for almost two years now. They are an important part of my spiritual practice as well as my daily life. The warmth and gentle healing which comes from her products are a testament to the love she incorporates into each one. My personal favorites are ‘Angelic Connection’, ‘Clear Connection’, and ‘Connection to Mother Earth’. The Chakra set of oils and sprays I work with when doing Reiki treatments for clients as well as myself. Are you having pain or feeling sore? Her popular ‘Muscle Pain Relief Stick’ works wonders and has a gentle fragrance. One of my favorite parts of working with the oils and sprays is choosing which one to work with based on what energy I’m working with on that particular day. For those of you who don’t enjoy smoke from the sage, my clients love the ‘Angelic Space Clearing Spray’ as well as the ‘Smudge Spray’. Much can be accomplished by adding these into your healing journey.

With Love and Gradatude

Patrick Aaron


I've been using Gaia's Healing Gift oils on myself and in the yoga classes I teach. I love every single blend because I feel the love and healing energy that went into them. She has created a beautiful blend for me to use to clear the room between classes. All of my students love the spritzers and some classes ask for an extra spray of the breatheLove blend at the end. I believe people respond so well to the oils because they can feel the energy she puts into them as well. 

Love, Light and Blessings

Lauren Ziegler

Delray Beach

I Love Gaia's Healing Gifts Products From the Tropical Paradise Hand Soap to the Essential Oils, if you come to my business it's what you'll find. The Spitzers and Misters help prepare for clients. The Essential Oils and Oil Blends are used in treatments. My clients love the properties and aromas that these products. Gaia's Healing Gifts are the best!

Love, Light and Blessings

Lauren Ziegler

Delray Beach

 Just got my Prosperity Spritzer in the mail and wanted to let you know I appreciate the Moldavite lip balm that came with it !! ; Thank you that was so sweet of you .By the way I also purchased the Love roll on for myself and my daughter when I was in Naples and that same night she first used it her boyfriend told her for the first time ever that he loved her three times!! And I am always getting extra attention from people trying to help me when I have it on!!

Thanks again for your wonderful products looking forward to using the Prosperity Spritzer .... I'll keep you posted !! Lol

Many blessings to you and your family ♡♡♡

Tania Thomas 


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