Merlin Magical Manifestation

Merlin Essential Oils for the Month of June

What an exciting time we live in. our abilities to manifest and create are so much more powerful then we realize. Merlin Essential Oils is an oil that can be worn or diffused helping to remind us we are manifesting our new story as we speak this moment.

A few weeks back I had some physical symptoms- problems and I felt that in order to release it I needed to be acknowledged and find the gratitude in the lesson. I wanted to heal and be done with it. This blocked energy was creating pain and discomfort in my physical body. I asked myself when does acknowledgement become a part for manifesting your future. How many times do I share what is going on over and over to everyone and the next thing you know its back in your life. When are we focusing on something we are sending out the message to God that this is what we want for our future.

Wow this was so powerful I wanted to manifest what I really want. Not the old stuff that was painful. I realized when someone asked how I was doing I wanted to go into the old story or drama about the things that were so difficult. I thought to myself I don’t want to continue to manifest this for my life so how can I shift this. I started to really think about what I was saying and feeling. When I am asked how I am doing I am choosing to say and believe that I am better and better every day. I can believe that and feel it. I remembered I had a great essential oil for manifestation and creating a new story. Merlin Essential Oil blend. So I started to work with it.

The big question is why is it that we feel we need to share our pain over and over until we just are manifesting it again. Let’s get focused on expanding what is good and what we want our life to look like. I choose to be in graditude and Love. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people. Merlin oil is a great oil to help you stay focused on your ability to ground yourself and manifest an amazing life. It doesn’t mean that the lessons of life won’t come up. But you will be able to acknowledge and release quicker and easier with ease and gratitude.

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