Mother Mary Spritzer

Mother Mary ~ NurturingThis Rose essential oil blend is especially made to nurture the body,

mindand soul when you are feeling alone or broken. Mother Mary takes you into

her loving arms and brings you comfort Peace. This pure oil blend can be

applied to the body or sprayed around your space.

Ingredients: Water & Rose Essential Oil

Have you ever been in meditation or prayer and all of a sudden you can smell

the beautiful scent of Roses? It is believed that the smell of Roses can indicate

that loved ones that have passed are reaching out to you and that wearing

Rose perfume makes you aware of their presence and of the loving spirit of

Mother Mary herself.

Mother Mary has shown up for me in several healing sessions & meditations.

Each and every time I have been overwhelmed with such feelings of comfort,

Peace & calm that the experience was personally transformational.

One time in particular, as I helped a dear friend release old painful energy, I

was all of the sudden surrounded by the intoxicating smell of Roses. I became

acutely aware in that moment of a noticeable sense of Peace and serenity. My

friend had her eyes closed. She smiled and said she felt a sense of protection

and that it was like she was being enveloped by pure Love. I felt it too. It was

an incredible moment of connection for both of us. The beautiful Mother Mary

had lifted old burdens and pain that were no longer part of her story and filled

those places with Love. The release was significant and in truth we both had

parts of us healed that day. Mother Mary’s energy was amazing as she

wrapped us both in her warm cloak of pure, unconditional Love.

It was shortly after that experience that I created my beautiful Mother Mary

spray. This blend creates Peace and helps call in the incredible energies of

nurturing, healing & unconditional, never-ending Love. Mother Mary is

uniquely special and will transform your space and your heart as you use it. I

know you will enjoy it!

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