March a perfect time for Letting Go

Letting Go essential oil blend is an extremely special blend that is close to my heart. I remember feeling incredibly excited because it was one of the first blends that I channeled and created for my business Gaia’s Healing Gifts. Its energy represented the element of water and the “ebb & flow” of life and I had the distinct feeling this was not only being created to help others, but would also have personal significance in my own life. During the creative process, I realized that I too needed help in letting go of an obstacle that had been a block for me my entire life. I knew that creating this blend was going to be a catalyst for my own healing.

During my life, I faced the challenges of dyslexia and not being able to spell. I had a tremendous amount of fear built up around reading aloud, writing letters & notes and as an adult now faced the obstacle of creating an entire product catalog & website for my business. Product descriptions of every kind, a personal bio, advertising and more would have to be written from scratch. I was scared to death to say the least and a lifetime of fear was now right in front of me. What do I do?

Enter…Letting Go essential oil blend! I created & then worked with this unique blend to finally let go of the fears surrounding my dyslexia. I used the blend exclusively as I began the writing process for my new business and learned to let go of how I thought it was supposed to look or be done. This blend literally helped lift away the drama of my thoughts & dissolved my connection to fears of the past. I was able to do all the writing for my business in my own way and in my own time! The Letting Go blend was the amazing catalyst I’d hoped it’d be. I began to write and was able to find help for the rest. I now collaborate with others that are gifted in the area of writing to help get my thoughts & feelings down on paper. It is no longer a struggle because I let go of the fears from my past. I feel free!!

Now it is your turn. What are you ready to release & be free of?

This is the perfect time for Letting Go!

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