Geranium Essential Oil


(Pelargonium odorantissimum)

Geranium Essential Oil is extracted through steam distillation of the stems and leaves of the Geranium plant. It is widely used in aromatherapy for its many health benefits, including its ability to relieve stress and depression, reduce inflammation and irritation, improves the skin, balances hormones, alleviated the effect of menopause, improves circulation, boost kidney health, and reduce blood pressure.

Aroma: Heavy, sweet, floral.

Properties: Anti-depressant, diuretic regulating a, balancing, astringent, analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial.


~ Cleansing, refreshing and astringent; broadly used in skincare

~ Excellent for congested and oily skin.

~ Speeds up the healing of minor cuts and injuries.

~ Useful for eczema, shingles, burns, lice, and ringworm.

~ Can be used as a mosquito repellent


~ Helps alleviate anxiety, anger and depression.

~ Balances emotions and relieves stress.

~ Excellent for mood swings, easing frustration and reducing irritability.


~ Beneficial for balancing hormones.

~ Useful for circulatory problems.

~ Fights infections and can be used to cleanse wounds

~ Helps relieve pre-menstrual tension and excessive fluid retention.

~ Benefits dental and kidney health, and helps reduce blood pressure

~ Can help relieve hot flashes during menopause


Facial Serum

3 drop Geranium EO 2 drops Chamomile

3 drops Ylang-Ylang EO 3 drops Frankincense

Add blend to your favorite 4 oz. facial Moisturizer or coconut oil.

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