Love Train

During the month of February, the typical focus is on ways to show those we love how much they mean to us. Everywhere we look there are teddy bears, candies, cards & gifts for us to use to express that undying Love. It is beautiful & fun, but it is the same “train of thought” we all have every single year.

What if you tried adding a different “train of thought” this year? What if you got on board with the idea of expressing Love and acceptance for yourself? How could you treat yourself and show yourself that you are deserving of that same beautiful & unwavering Love that you so often give out to everyone else? The answer is simple. It is time to get on board your LOVE Train!

The LOVE train essential oil blend & spritzer are like having true LOVE in a bottle. With decadent & delicious scents like cinnamon, patchouli, orange & clove blended together, you are instantly transported to a space where you can literally feel the connection to your own heart. For those few brief moments as you first inhale the spicy fragrance, your body begins to settle in and your heart connection begins reigniting Love, Passion and Fire from within! Within minutes you feel transformed!

LOVE Train can be worn daily as a warm & sultry perfume. It can also be diffused in your bedroom as a sexy scent or used in a bath for a soak that melts your cares away. LOVE train is your gift to you. A beautiful way to strengthen your heart connection and amp up all the LOVE you have for yourself and for all those around you.

Are you ready to get on board? Are you ready for your LOVE Train?

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