The beginning of a new year is such an exciting time! There is so much potential and promise swirling around us that the world really does feel limitless. Possibilities are ripe and it is the perfect time to connect to the flow of it all. Prosperity is a beautiful blend of essential oils and crystals created to help us connect easily to this ever present energetic flow. It supports us as we release the last remnants of resistance and open up to the abundance of this incredible universe we call home.

The Prosperity blend is inviting & cozy and really quite special. With oils like Patchouli, Clove & Cinnamon, Prosperity is warm with just a hint of spice. If I had to try and describe it, I’d say that Prosperity actually smells like your favorite moments feel. Climbing into a cozy bed after an especially long day, hearing the laughter of children & the squeak of swings as you walk by a playground, feeling the warm sun on your face as you step out onto a soft sandy beach…that’s the abundance of life. That’s the Prosperity.

Spritzing or diffusing this incredible oil all throughout your life is the ultimate invitation. At home or work, in your car, after the gym or yoga…No matter where you are, the scent will calm you and ease you into your breath. Inhales & exhales inviting in what you desire while simultaneously releasing what you no longer need. Prosperity brings that quiet moment to fill your mind with the happiness from your day. Say Thank you for all you have received and let the essence of Prosperity invite even more blessings into your life.

Have a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!!

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