Angelic Connection ~ Merry Christmas

Angelic Connection is one of my absolute favorite oils because it’s all about strengthening our personal connection to our spirit guides & our guardian angels. Each of us has access to a powerful energetic flow that we can connect to at any given moment and this unique blend of oils is the perfect compliment. Whether using the essential oil during mediation or prayer or by simply misting a particular room with the spray, the fresh scent will instantly ease & open you to important messages and guidance.

The inspiration for Angelic Connection actually came from my childhood experiences. I remember feeling at a very young age, like I was not alone. I had a strong sense that I was being observed & guided and somehow protected. I knew there was “something” but I could not explain it. It wasn’t until I started my spiritual journey that I began to realize that it was that powerful connection I was experiencing. I rekindled those young memories and finally began to understand who and what I was connecting to. My journey & this new understanding brought me this amazing blend of oils. Angelic Connection was given to me as a gift to help us all easily reconnect to our angels & guides and the wonderful messages they have for us.

Enjoy using Angelic Connection this holiday season as a gift of love. Treat yourself. Take a moment to slow down and find a slice of quiet stillness. Breathe deeply & connect to your inner voice. The heavenly blend Angelic Connection will open you; heart & soul; to the divine energy all around you.

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