New Happy Home

November is a month full of gratitude and family. It is a time when families come together to give thanks and to celebrate their love for each other. The fall air is crisp & as Thanksgiving Day approaches, we have special time together to give thanks for the many ways we have attracted abundance into our lives.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it holds such wonderful memories. It was always a time to share stories from throughout the year and to share all that we were grateful for.Some of my best memories are of my grandmother’s home. It was a lovely old farm house that was over 100 years old. Because of its age it was not well insulated, but despite that fact, it always felt warm and welcoming because of my grandmother’s love for her family and her love of baking. She always made the best breads and the most wonderful tea blends. We would all sit in her kitchen after helping her bake the breads and would sip her blends of tea. I remember they smelled of cinnamon,orange and clove and as their scent swirled with the scent of the baking bread, the whole house smelled just heavenly.

Now as we move into November ourselves, we can take time to prepare our homes for the holidays by raising the vibration with essential oils & crystals. The essential oil blend New Happy Home is a tribute to those memories of my Grandmother. It is a beautiful blend of cinnamon, orange, clove, jasmine & sage and is a perfect blend for kick starting your holiday season. This combination of essential oils can be diffused or sprayed in your home after you sage to clear the energies. While spraying the New Happy Home blend, say prayers and intentions of what you hope to attract into your home and your life.

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