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Merlin Blends

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Merlin ~ Manifesting your Dreams

This blend of essential oils has been especially made to help you manifest your dreams and to create the life you desire.Helping you to connect to your inner strength, confidence, determination and creativity, this pure oil can be applied as a cologne/perfume, used in meditation or in a bath.

Blend Ingredients: Sweet Orange, Patchouli & Spruce

EO Blend: 5ml. upc: 12-636676507238 $28.00

EO Roll-on 10ml. upc: 12-636676509099 $39.00

Spritzer Ingredients: Distilled water, Sweet Orange, Patchouli & Spruce

Spritzer: 4oz. upc: 12-636676507538 $18.00

Spritzer: 2oz. upc: 12-636676507958 $11.00

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