“I hope you enjoy the essential oil blends I have created with love, vibrational healing & pure, organic therapeutic grade essential oils.  Helping you on your journey to find healing in all aspects of your life."
We chose the name Gaia’s Healing Gifts because she only uses natural, organic or wild crafted ingredients from the earth in her products.

More and more people are recognizing the impact of the energies around them.  They are sensitive to the positive or negative vibes in their space.  I have created a wonderful line of easy to sell, easy to use sprays, oils and body products which will clear, cleanse and shift the energies all around your body and your home. 

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils for therapeutic, healing and mood enhancing abilities are widely documented.


The essential oil blends come in 2 different applications.  You can select one of the blends listed in the catalog or we can create one especially for you.  The process starts with a consultation to help pinpoint what you are hoping to achieve and how you wish to use it on a regular basis. 


*Essential oil can be used in a diffuser or on a cotton ball.  


* Spritzer can be used as a room spray or a body spray.


*Soap is made using a 100% pure goat’s milk base and the essential oils.  Daily use is recommended.  It’s great for all skin types.  It produces a rich, creamy lather leaving the skin cleansed and soft.  This soap is safe for sensitive skin and children.



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